Solaris Diagnostics, Advanced Laboratory Testing

A high-complexity CLIA accredited laboratory, Solaris Diagnostics assists clinicians and health care providers to quickly identify the pathogens and underlying causes of disease. We know better patient outcomes are achieved through fast, accurate, and reliable laboratory results.

Dedicated to raising the bar through cutting-edge research, we strive to build a collaborative partnership, working closely to create a seamless, hand-in-glove relationship with your practice or facility’s own staff, software, and business processes.

Solaris Diagnostics

At Solaris, we look forward to assisting in the care of your patients by providing both contemporary laboratory testing and cutting-edge molecular diagnostics. Our scientists are trained in a variety of essential disciplines, including molecular genetics, microbiology, cytogenetics, biochemistry, and pharmacology.

Our mission is to deliver industry leading laboratory services, backed by ongoing research, and resulting in improved patient care and outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

  • Unparalleled Specificity and Precision Results
  • Analysis Provided by an Expert Team of Laboratory Specialists
  • Cutting-edge Technologies and Methodologies, Backed by Ongoing Research
  • Dedicated, Responsive Customer Service

Solaris Diagnostics is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of diagnostic medicine, continually advancing our testing capabilities by introducing the most advanced and comprehensive techniques, for the benefit of the clinicians who use our services and the patients who rely on us both for accurate diagnoses and the most effective treatments.

Our facilities are accredited under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

Molecular Diagnostics Testing

By using molecular diagnostics, Solaris can identify the pathogens by specific genetic markers. We also look at specific genetic codes that can lead to the drug resistance and provides the drug resistance marker profile.

Unlike many conventional laboratory tests, molecular genetic testing provides exceptional specificity and accuracy, leading to timely diagnoses and effective, personalized treatments..

At Solaris Diagnostics, we are experts in the infectious diseases and molecular techniques.