Diabetes Dx Testing

Understanding DIABETES Dx Testing

DIABETES Dx is a laboratory test which provides a high-sensitivity and specificity evaluation of the genetic predisposition to develop type 2 diabetes (T2D). Furthermore, it offers personalized recommendations based on the patient’s genetic profile. The test was developed in collaboration with scientists and endocrinologists at The Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) and The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard (Cambridge, MA).

From genetic risk assessment to diabetes clinical intervention Patia has developed DIABETES Dx, a forefront type 2 diabetes prevention and intervention platform.

DIABETES Dx analyzes 16 genetic variants and provides genotype-informed recommendations, guiding the physician in clinical and lifestyle intervention. DIABETES Dx algorithm integrates the individual’s ancestry, family history, and anthropometric variables.

Importance of DIABETESDx Testing

The results report provides the risk score, genotype, and recommendations on diet, physical activity, medications, supplements and laboratory tests. T2D risk quantification Patient’s genetic profile Mechanisms associated with the patient’s susceptibility to T2D Recommendations for intervention based on the patient’s genotype.

How Solaris Diagnostics Can Help

Solaris diagnostics Laboratory has a comprehensive list of tests that are tested under the Genetic testing section which includes the following with TAT of <7 days from the time it is received in the laboratory.

Benefits of DIABETESDx Testing

Clinicians will have access to genetic information that is not available in any other way. With this information, they can assess specific types of nutrition, physical activity, supplements, medication, etc. DIABETES Dx is a predictive test of robust performance as established by its AUC, sensitivity, and specificity.

The potential patient/user will be able to: 

Obtain personalized recommendations

Understand their susceptibility

Gain motivation to introduce lifestyle changes

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