Ear/Eye Infections

Understanding Ear/Eye Infections Testing

A cold, a throat infection, a virus, even allergies can trigger an ear infection. Fluid that would normally drain gets blocked in the tubes of the ear and this buildup can cause pain and eventually becomes an environment where bacteria or viruses breed.

The Importance of Ear/Eye Infections Testing

If you are a common sufferer of ear infections, you recognize the signs. If you’re a parent, be on the lookout for the symptoms from your child such as: pulling on the earlobe, inattentiveness, a sign of not being able to hear fully, sleep problems, complaints of ear pain, fever, loss of appetite or vomiting.

Eye infections make themselves known very quickly and some are highly contagious.

Symptoms include: The whites of the eyes tinted pink or red, discharge from the eye, swollen eyelids, pain, itching.

How Solaris Diagnostics Can Help

Solaris Diagnostics Laboratory can provide results in <24 hours from the time sample is received in the laboratory.

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