Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel

Understanding GI Pathogen Panel Testing

The GI panel identifies nucleic acids from bacteria, viruses, and parasites directly from stool samples. Molecular genetic testing offers exceptional sensitivity, addressing the often underdiagnosed viral causes of gastrointestinal problems. Traditional bacterial testing is positive in only 5% or less of cases.

Molecular genetic testing offers exceptional sensitivity and excellent specificity for bacteria, viruses, and even parasites.

The Importance of GI Pathogen Panel Testing

The GI panel is crucial for identifying the cause of suspected infectious diarrhea. Consider symptoms such as abdominal pain, abnormal weight loss, blood in stool, colitis, enteritis, functional diarrhea, nausea with vomiting, fever, viral enteritis, and non-infectious gastroenteritis.

How Solaris Diagnostics Can Help

Solaris Diagnostics Laboratory ensures results in <24 hours from sample receipt. We test for various bacterial and viral targets, aiding in the swift identification of gastrointestinal pathogens.

Microbial Pathogen Targets

Bacterial Targets

Viral Targets


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