Heart Dx

Understanding HeartDx Testing

HeartDx is a laboratory test which provides a high-sensitivity and– specificity evaluation of the genetic predisposition to develop Cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it offers personalized recommendations based on the patient’s genetic profile.

The Importance of HeartDx

HeartDx Testing can help:

  • Pinpoint the underlying cause of a condition.
  • Comprehensively support clinical suspicions and provide subtype classifications that can directly advise actionable potential next steps.
  • Identify patients at highest risk for arrhythmias, aortic dissections, myocardial infarction, progressive heart failure, adverse therapy outcomes, and more.

How Solaris Diagnostics Can Help

Solaris diagnostics Laboratory has a comprehensive list of tests that are tested under the Genetic testing section which includes the following with TAT of <7 days from the time it is received in the laboratory.

Benefits of HeartDx Testing

Genetic Optimization

Genetic results can also help inform selection of the most effective treatments.

Gene-Specific Tailoring

Identify gene-specific therapy and management recommendations, and patients in need of more intense cardio monitoring or device intervention.

Clinical Refinement

Refine clinical management options to what’s most appropriate and impactful.

Risk Identification

Identify patients at higher risk of adverse responses to therapies.

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