Importance of PCR in identification of urinary tract infection

Written by: Solaris Diagnostics

The status and future direction of advanced urine testing: multiplex PCR- published on March 7, 2023 from Urology Times highlights that the importance of PCR in identification of Urinary tract infection. The article discuss the approach used by Solaris Diagnostics along with some other laboratories in the industry.

The standard urine culture (SUC) has several shortcomings, including a high false-negative rate, lengthy wait time for results, and inability to detect certain microorganisms. PCR testing, particularly multiplex PCR (M-PCR), can detect multiple pathogens at once and has been found to outperform SUC in detecting uropathogens. Commercially available products, including Solaris Diagnostics’ UTI ID Panel, have been developed to identify urine pathogens and screen for antibiotic-resistance genes. While PCR testing may have a benefit for specific cohorts, more clinical evidence is needed to guide Medicare in defining “medical necessity” and to show an association between PCR results alone and improved outcomes.

Solaris offers both molecular PCR with traditional microbiology to quickly identify UTI infections along with true susceptibility report so providers can prescribe accurately.

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