Monkeypox Part2

Written by: Solaris Diagnostics

Collection of specimens should be done with appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and safeguards in place. Here are monkeypox infection control recommendations in healthcare settings.

Specimens should be collected in the following manner:
* Use sterile, dry, synthetic swabs (not cotton) with a plastic, wood, or thin aluminum shaft.
* Thoroughly swab each lesion with 2 separate swabs. Usually, testing 2-3 different sites should be sufficient, but more can be submitted. Try to get samples from different areas of the body and lesions which differ in appearance.
* Each swab will then be placed in Viral Transport Media (VTM and labeled with patient name, date of birth, date of test, and precise body location of each sample site.
* Place the specimens into a container with identification clearly marked on the outside as “Monkeypox Testing” to allow for appropriate handling of the sample once it gets to our lab.

Monkeypox is a serious emerging infection that is affecting more and more people in multiple countries. Testing with Solaris Diagnostics is fast and reliable. Get the quick, accurate results you need to care for your patients.

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