Understanding Pharmacogenomics Testing

PGx is the study of how your genes may affect your body’s response to, and interaction with, some prescription or over-the-counter medications. Genes, which are inherited from your parents, carry information that determines characteristics such as eye color and blood type. Genes can also influence how you process and respond to medications. Depending on your genetic makeup, some medications may work faster or slower, or produce more or fewer side effects.

The Importance of Pharmacogenomics Testing

The results help tailor your medication based on your genes now and for future prescription needs.

How Solaris Diagnostics Can Help

Solaris diagnostics Laboratory has a comprehensive list of tests that are tested under the Genetic testing section which includes the following with TAT of <7 days from the time it is received in the laboratory.

Benefits of Pharmacogenomics Testing

Personalized Medication

Pharmacogenomic testing can help you find out if a medication is right for you.

Optimal Dosage

Precision in medication dosages to enhance benefits and outcomes.

Minimize Side Effects

Identification and reduction of adverse reactions through genetic insights.

Identify Effective Treatments

Discover changes or variants in one or more genes that can affect your response to certain medications.

Efficient Medication Use

You may need other tests if you take another medication, but laboratories can perform multiple tests from a single blood or saliva sample. Each medication is associated with a different pharmacogenomic test. Keep track of all your test results and share them with your doctor.

Long-term Relevance

Although your genetic makeup does not change over time, it may be helpful to talk to your health care provider about having a test repeated in several years as the science and technology advances. The need for pharmacogenomic testing is determined on an individual basis.

Family Health Awareness

If your pharmacogenomic test results suggest you may not have a good response to a medication, your family members may have a similar response

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