Phlebotomy Services

About Our Phlebotomy Services

Solaris Diagnostic Laboratory offers a unique Mobile Phlebotomy program. We offer professional, personal, and state of the art specimen collection services to patients and healthcare providers.

Mobile phlebotomy services are vital when providing convenience and personalized care for individuals with limited ability. We provide mobile phlebotomy services to better assist with high demand of patient care in both metropolitan and rural areas.

In-Office Phlebotomy

Solaris Diagnostics additionally provides on-site phlebotomy services, facilitating direct collaboration between healthcare providers and laboratory personnel. Our in-office phlebotomists deliver compassionate and tailored care to patients under the provider’s supervision. With comprehensive familiarity with all operation protocols, procedures, and specimen requirements, our in-office phlebotomists ensure efficient and seamless laboratory services.

Why Choose Solaris Phlebotomy Services?

Choosing Solaris Phlebotomy Services provides several distinct advantages:

Patient-Centric Approach

Prioritizing patient well-being with dedicated care and attention.


Serving diverse needs in various settings: skilled nursing, assisted living, senior care, independent care, memory care, and homebound collections.

Trained Professionals

Our Phlebotomists are highly trained, certified, and experienced to provide exceptional patient care and services

Exceptional Care

Providing exceptional care while maintaining sterilization of all equipment and complying with CLIA guidelines.

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