Specimen Transport

About Our Specimen Transport Services

Solaris offers both an evening & mid-day (Only available in select areas) courier service. Our couriers cover most parts of Kentucky as well as many surrounding states. Our evening couriers operate between the hours of 3pm-12am EST. And our Mid-Day couriers operate in limited regions between 9am-3pm EST.

The process begins with a pickup request being emailed to Solaris’ pickup inbox or you may request your specimen pickup via phone call as well. From here we use state of the art routing software to add the address of the pickup to a designated route. Same day courier pickups are offered as long as your request is sent prior to 3pm EST and you are within our coverage area.

Once the pickup request is scheduled and finalized, it will populate on the courier’s end via their Phone and/or Tablet. The pickup is automatically added to a specific order in the courier’s route to optimize efficiency & drive time. You will receive a confirmation once this has been done. All that is left is to put your specimens in your Solaris courier lock box(Provided by Solaris). Only our couriers have keys to access the lock box, so they may access your specimens upon arrival. Specimens will be picked up that same evening of the request or the desired date of your choice, Monday-Friday & Sunday (In Select Regions).

Solaris’ couriers exercise the utmost safety & precautions. All couriers wear the proper PPE when handling specimens, as well as being required to take specific Steri Cycle courses prior to being hired. Couriers also must pass a driving competency test before they are hired. Even after being cleared for hire, Solaris will continue to ensure Courier’s Auto Insurance, Drivers License, & Driving record remain in good standing. All company vehicles feature Dual Facing Dash Cams to ensure couriers are obeying all traffic rules & regulations. Lastly, for both the couriers and others’ safety, all Solaris company vehicles are clearly marked with the Solaris logo/emblem as well as Solaris contact information.

Specimen Transport with UPS Healthcare

Solaris utilizes UPS Healthcare to transport specimens in a safe & timely manner. Utilizing the UPS Next-Day Air service in conjunction with the UPS early extract program, your specimens will arrive early the following morning.

Pickup Procedure: No need to take specimens to UPS, a UPS driver will come to you, using UPS’ On-Call pickups. UPS pickups are convenient and easy to schedule.

Placard Program: For those regularly dispatching specimens via UPS, the UPS placard program offers an additional level of security and accountability. Implementing a UPS placard at your facility is a swift and seamless process, establishing a consistent pickup window tailored to your preferences. UPS personnel will adhere to this designated timeframe, ensuring prompt collection of your specimens.

Schedule a Pickup

Complete the form below or call (844) 550-0308 to schedule a pickup.

Why Choose Solaris Specimen Transport Services?

Choosing Solaris’ specimen transport services provides several distinct advantages:

Same-Day Returns

Samples return to the lab the same day, as opposed to Next Day via UPS.

Enhanced Trackability

Sample track-ability & accountability is greatly increased when using Solaris courier service. Solaris has capabilities of tracking the courier’s every move.

QR Code System

QR Code scanning system ensures that the courier attempts the pickup at the correct location and in a timely manner.

Flexible Pickup Options

We offer customizable and flexible pickup time frames to suit your convenience.

Direct Communication

Reach our couriers directly for any queries or updated instructions.

Live ETA Updates

Stay informed with live updates on the estimated time of arrival.

After-Hours Pickup

After Hour pickup service is available using secure lockboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our specimen transport services.

Site Name, Site Address, and location of specimen(s).

Yes, same-day specimen pickups are offered as long as your request is sent prior to 3pm EST and you are within our coverage area. Please contact pickup@solarisdx.com for more information.

Solaris’ specimen transport service operates throughout most of Kentucky, however to confirm your site is eligible for courier service, please check with your Solaris representative or call 844-550-0308.

Solaris recommends putting your lock box on the outside of your front or back door. Please ensure the lock box is in a spot that can be accessed by the courier including after hours. If your lockbox is behind any sort of locked doors, please inform Solaris of how to gain access inside prior to scheduling your first pickup.

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