Wound Testing

Understanding Wound Testing

Chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers, present significant challenges in terms of morbidity and disability. Their delayed healing process is influenced by various factors, including age, the stage of diabetic disease, medication adherence, peripheral neuropathy, immune system compromise, and circulatory issues like arterial and venous insufficiency. These wounds often fail to progress through the typical healing trajectory, posing a substantial and increasing problem exacerbated by modern sedentary lifestyles, rising obesity rates, and the prevalence of diabetes. Chronic wounds also contain polymicrobial infections existing as a cooperative community that resist conventional antibiotic treatments.

The Importance of Wound Testing

Traditional wound culture methods have limitations in accurately capturing the microbial complexity within these wounds. They may overlook certain organisms or fail to fully represent their interactions. This bias can obscure a comprehensive understanding of the microbial landscape within the wound. While culture techniques may identify predominant bacteria, they often miss those present in lower quantities, which could still contribute to the chronicity of the wound.

In contrast, advanced molecular diagnostic techniques, such as wound PCR (polymerase chain reaction), offer a promising solution for more rapid and thorough assessment. Unlike culture methods, PCR can detect a broader spectrum of microorganisms, including those present in smaller numbers. This capability provides a more comprehensive overview of the microbial community within chronic wounds, facilitating targeted and effective treatment strategies. Thus, molecular diagnostics holds significant potential for improving the management of chronic wounds and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

How Solaris Diagnostics Can Help

  • Accurate Diagnostics within 24 hours with real-time PCR for pathogen identification and detection of antibiotic resistance.  
  • 24-hour Turnaround time 
  • Able to perform both wound culture and PCR testing and offer both solutions based on the client’s needs. 

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